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I’ll give you Step-by-Step Guidance & Expertise 

I’ve been a successful entrepreneur for the past 9 years but I’ve learned all the ins-and-outs of business largely on my own so I’ve been exactly where you’re at today! Now I’ve put my own Superpowers to work and designed a focused program to give you all the knowledge, tools, tech and plans you’ll need to help you start, launch and thrive through your first year of business (and beyond). As a former teacher, I have a natural gift of breaking down knowledge and making it super-simple so that you can easily (and successfully!) apply what you’re learning to your own business. Entrepreneur in a Weekend for Women is comprehensive-it covers all the modules you’ll need to get started-from the idea stage all the way to your launch. And at every step along the way, I give you guidance and expertise to help move you in the right direction. That can mean looking over your ideas and giving direct feedback or it might even mean making you a personalized video to show you how to tackle a tech challenge you’re having. You’re always supported! Once the program is over, you still get ongoing support in our private community. This way, you’ll be able to stay connected, get advice and share your success!

This course isn’t like any other business program, I can guarantee that! It’s an accelerated course designed to help you avoid the mistakes I’ve made in my business so that you can fast-track your way to success. But most of all, it’s a program to help you create the life you were meant to live-without the doubt and fear-so that you can start sharing your gifts AND generate income right away! 

Entrepreneur in a Weekend for Women is for You If…


You Dream of Being your Own Boss

You want to be the star of your own show, picking your clients, your projects and creating your own schedule. You love making your own goals and carrying out your own fulfilling vision.


You Don't Know How to Get Started

You might have an idea or none at all but either way, you don’t know what you need to do to package your product/ service and reach out to the clients that will pay for what you’ve got.


You Have Fears and Self-Doubt about Running Your Own Business

Yes, starting your own biz can be intimidating but that’s why I’m here to help you with everything from your idea to implementation-giving you the confidence to carry on, long after the program.

You Want Hand-Holding, a Set of Tools AND a Plan

Don’t worry! Even if you come with an idea or have tried to start your business with limited success previously, you’ll get fantastic value from all of the support, collabor-ation, tools & plans that will accelerate your growth.

Alison is a master teacher and entrepreneur! I attended Entrepreneur in a Weekend for Women and I have to say that I’m now so confident in knowing what steps I need to take to launch my company. She made everything so simple and it was empowering to say the least. I feel I now have a strong foundation in under-standing how to make a business work and although I was really nervous about the marketing aspect, Alison’s marketing plan has given me all the practical steps I need to get started. Thank-you Alison!

Emma White, Dubai

I highly-recommend this programme to all aspiring entrepreneurs. Alison completely changed my life and I’m so thankful to have taken the leap. I always knew I was destined to be my own boss but I was never sure how or what to do to go about it. Entrepreneur in a Weekend helped me develop my idea and understand my potential clients but it also gave me so many practical tools and strategies to start making money quickly. I never knew what was possible! Alison really broken down the process so that I no longer feel intimidated getting started. 

Karen Kelly, UK

After attending Entrepreneur in a Weekend, I now feel I have everything I need to make a successful bussiness. At first, I started out with a much bigger idea but then I was guided to make it simpler so that I could start making money quickly without an investor. I really love all the plans that we created-the business plan, the marketing plan and the action plan for the first year of business. Honestly, this program is absolutely amazing and I recommend it highly.

Alex Cojocariu, Dubai