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Entrepreneur in a Weekend for Women is a business academy & coaching program for female entrepreneurs who want to fast-track their business success OR turnaround a failing business.







Do you Dream of Being a Thriving Entrepreneur?

Maybe you’re like me. Being an employee was never satisfying enough. I always wanted to do more, be more and move in a direction that was beyond my boss’ wildest vision. I got tired of trying to fit into the system. There was always a little voice telling me that I was meant for more. 

Over ten years ago, I took a leap of faith. I left my secure job and started my own business with a friend in Dubai. I’ve never looked back. Today, I’m a thriving international entrepreneur, author and business coach. I make money doing exactly what I love! Now, I share my expertise by teaching other women everything I’ve learned about business and entrepreneurship so they can fast-track their own success. I also coach struggling entrepreneurs, teaching them how to bring their businesses back on-track.

One of the things I’ve noticed along the way is that so many women are fearful of starting and running their own businesses. They doubt themselves and their potential to be successful. Even when they possess so many talents, they minimize their accomplishments and skills. They play small.

started Entrepreneur in a Weekend to help break down the barriers to entrepreneurship and to make it easier for women to start and run their own businesses. Through my online weekend academy and one-to-one coaching program, I encourage women to monetize their innate gifts and talents (‘Superpowers’). I give them the high-impact business skills they need to start generating revenue quickly. My goal is to help make entrepreneurship simpler, achievable and most importantly, successful!

I work with women from all over the world. Even on weekends!

Can I Help you Become a Successful, Thriving Business Owner?




You know you want to start your own business but you don't have a solid business idea yet


You have a business idea but you don't know how to move forward to get it started


You've already started your business but you're stuck or struggling to get new customers and generate revenue



Fast-Forward Your Success with My High-Impact Programs

If you really want to advance and make great gains in your business, my programs are ideal. I give you all the tools, strategies and plans you need to start winning at business. I break things down and make them simple and I hold your hand through the process, every step of the way. Remember, I’m not just a coach, I’m an entrepreneur too! I’ve taken everything I’ve learned through the years and designed my customized programs that will get you break-throughs and fast-track you to success. You’ll move beyond any struggle, learning curve or worry. Whether you need help to start your new business or you need to quickly turnaround your declining business, I will help you to get real results.

Learn more about my Accelerate Coaching Program or Entrepreneur in a Weekend Online Business Academy by clicking below:

What my Clients Say

Alison is an amazing coach and person! From the minute I did the first consult-ation, she made me feel at ease and I knew I could trust her to help me in developing my consulting business. What I really appreciated was the coaching plan she provided early on. She was able to pinpoint the goals that we would work on and this gave our sessions more structure and purpose. We focused on building up my business model from my vision and then she took me through all the ways to monetize my services easily. I was then able to create a range of excellent services for my clients. I also want to add that Alison is an excellent teacher with so much knowledge! She also taught me so many things such as how to create social media posts, how to design my logo and the best thing she left me with were the action plans for my first year of business. I’m happy to say that by following her advice and strategies, I am now running a busy consultancy and I love it! If you’re thinking about working with a business coach, I highly recommend Alison and her ACCELERATE Coaching Program. Thank you Alison. 

Nazila Akbari, Toronto, Canada

The Accelerate coaching program with Alison was outstanding. It really opened my eyes as to what running a business is all about. I had already been running my business for one year and was struggling to get consistent clients but after working with Alison, she helped me realise why this was happening. We focused on identifying the right customers which was something I hadn’t done previously. Then we matched the marketing plan to focus on these clients and then-bam! Things started to move. I realised that I had no idea about how to attract the right customers but now I feel like I’ve got a handle on running my business and especially establishing a good routine, prioritising things that need to get done. I never knew what I didn’t know and this really intimidated me. Now I’m happy I made the right investment in working with Alison. It has already paid off. 

Karen Kelly, London, UK

After joining Entrepreneur in a Weekend, I now feel I have everything I need to make a successful business. At first, I started out with a much bigger idea but then Alison guided me to make it simpler so that I could start making money quickly without an investor. I really love all the plans that we created-the 2-page business plan, the marketing plan and action plan for our first year. This program is absolutely amazing. Alison was able to answer all my questions and I recommend it highly to anyone interested in starting their own business. 

Alex Cojocariu, Dubai, UAE