If you’ve always been toying with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur but you’ve never come up with a big idea, how on earth can you ever get started?

For many people destined to be their own bosses, this can be one of the biggest stumbling blocks to getting started down the entrepreneurial path. We’ve all been conditioned to believe that we have to have a “passion” or a big idea to change the world and this immediately brings up blocks for people who would genuinely be natural entrepreneurs. The notion that you have to have a huge goal right from the start sets many people up for failure and disappointment. We’re so used to being fed the stories of famous billionaires and entrepreneurs who’ve become rich “overnight,” that we feel we too need to do something similar. The reality is, nothing happens overnight. You’re just never shown the backstories of all these people who’ve slugged away for years and years, believing in their ideas and persisting through thick and thin.

The thing is, every single successful entrepreneur started with a “good idea”, but not necessarily a “big idea.” They found a problem to solve or an audience to serve and they managed to make money because of the value they created. Whether that person is a stay-at-home mum who makes custom jewellery, a digital nomad with a graphic design business or a dentist who runs their own clinic, these people can define “success” by their own standards. You see, if these people have managed to make money selling and serving their clients consistently, they’re successful. They might not have a desire to become a billionaire, but they want to create a sustainable income doing something they enjoy/are good at.

This is the mindset I embrace at Entrepreneur in a Weekend. I want you to get started selling and earning revenue quickly. It’s not that difficult if you implement the right strategies. As an entrepreneur myself, I know that one of the most important things you can do as a new entrepreneur is to actually build a business that can sustain you and give you cashflow quickly and consistently. And let’s be honest, that big idea you have to change the world or disrupt an industry can take years to start paying you back. I’m not saying don’t have a big idea, I’m just saying get started on a smaller version of that idea in order to start learning as an entrepreneur and start turning cash around quick. If your desire to be your own boss is strong, you can definitely offer a related product or service but on a much smaller scale to start generating income for yourself. For example, if you dream of starting a professional fashion school and need investors, you could start by scaling down and teaching 1 or 2 online courses to individuals who want to learn how to become fashion designers. This goal is not only much easier to get started but it can actually allow you to start building a reputation as a leader in your industry. It can also enable you to connect and build relationships with the audience who will be interested in your fashion school later on. Imagine pitching to investors after having already made a name for yourself AND proving you know how to turn an idea into a revenue stream. This will be far more attractive to your investors but more importantly, you will already have the confidence and skills you need to scale your idea up.

One of the things I do at Entrepreneur in a Weekend is to help women see what their “Superpowers” are. Superpowers are the talents, strengths, expertise and skills that you already possess AND that people deliberately come to you for. They could be: your ability to advise or help others, your cooking/baking skills, your photography talents, your public speaking skills or your ease with numbers. Your Superpowers are something you can start harnessing EASILY and QUICKLY to start a profitable business. I love getting started with people’s Superpowers because in most cases, these are things people enjoy or do very naturally. Even more interestingly, these are things that typically come very easily so people tend to downplay them. Once individuals know how to tap into their Superpowers, they simply need to know who their clients are, what they’ll offer exactly and how to market to them successfully in order to begin generating revenue.

In my Entrepreneur in a Weekend Online Academy, I not only show you how to leverage your Superpowers, I also fast-track you to success by helping you package your products/services, connect with your audience, communicate your offers in a way that resonates with your customers and get the sale. Did I also mention I can help you build a brand identity, a website, a business plan and an action plan for the first year of business? I give you everything you need to get up and running with your “good idea” in only 3 Saturdays!

If you’d love to become an entrepreneur, get in touch! Registration is open for my Entrepreneur in a Weekend Online Academy, running September 9th,16th & 23rd, 2017.