You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got the Answers!

We’ve tried to Include all the top FAQs here but if You’re still not Sure about Something, Get in Touch! 

What is the cost of attending this 2-day weekend event?

Our upcoming event is on Friday & Saturday, November 17 & 18, 2017 

The cost is 4,999.00 Dhs (payable in advance by credit/debit through our PayPal, cheque or bank transfer).

 Costs include lunch on both days as well as refreshements. There are no additional costs. 

*** Remember, included in your registration fee is FREE access to our private Facebook Mastermind group where you’ll always get ongoing, lifetime support from us! 

What will the actual event be like? Is it a workshop or more like a university class?

Great question! While we do have an outline of focused activities on our “schedule” page, the experience will be more like a brainstorming session with your favourite colleagues rather than a lecture at university. We’ll be mixing up a variety of meaningful sessions to keep you motivated and engaged but we’ll also be actively involved with demonstrations and “how-tos” using our own businesses as examples. We’ll be getting practical, giving you all the resources and tools to accelerate your business but also SHOWING you right there and then HOW to use these tools confidently. We may also split up into groups or partners at times when we want to flesh out a subject more in-depth. Our goal is to make the “Entrepreneur in a Weekend” event as fun and enjoyable as possible.

What's included in the fees?

This event includes two days of high-level training by already-successful entrepreneurs. If you truly want to start a successful business then you can look at this as an investment in your business. Think about what it would be worth to you to get all the support, the resources and step-by-step action points to make your idea a profitable business.

For what we’re offering at our event, you’d normally need to hire a separate business consultant, graphic designer and web designer which could potentially cost in excess of thousands of dollars. For our Entrepreneur in a Weekend package, you simply need to pay 4,999 AED and with that you’ll walk away with everything you need to get your business up and running in only 2 days (without hiring anyone else). We think that’s fantastic value for money!

Also, your meals and snacks are included in your registration fees.

**Also included in the package is FREE ACCESS to us through our private Facebook Mastermind Group. There, you’ll get ongoing support, mentoring and answers to all your questions. 

What are the timings?

This 2 day event takes place on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 November 2017.  On Friday, we start at 8:30 and go until 5:00 but on Saturday we start at 8:30 and finish at 6:30. Get ready to work hard but have fun too!

Will I really be an entrepreneur after just 2 days?

That’s entirely up to you. You’ll certainly be armed with everything you need to get your business set-up to start selling to your ideal customers! Whether or not you really take action to implement your plans AFTER the event will be the real deciding factor! But our goal is to take you through the process, equipping you with the strategy, the know-how, the tools and plans AND ongoing support to get you to take action on your dreams. 

**Remember you’ll probably need to set up your business license, especially if you want to work in Dubai or UAE. The costs for that vary, depending on where you want to set up your business. That will be an additional charge for you to consider (as well as a bit more “red tape”!). But don’t worry, we’ll explain more about that and we can always introduce you to the right people who can help you set up the license. If you’re also considering setting up your company in another country, we can give you some advice about that as well.

Should I bring my laptop? What else?

Yes! You will definitely need to bring along your laptop as well as a notebook to take notes. We’ll also provide you with workbooks and these will become valuable resources to you later on.

Is there an additional cost for the website and other tools?

Not right away.

We set you up with a website format with WordPress (Divi theme), and we’ll pay for your domain name for the first year (e.g. You’ll also get free website hosting for the first 6 months. After that, you will need to pay approximately $9 per month for your hosting.

We also recommend that you bring your own debit or credit card so we can use it to register your domain name. This will need to be renewed in one year (approx $10-$14 per year) and you’ll be able to follow up with that should you want to renew it at that time.

* We teach you to bootstrap and use all the free or low cost tech tools you can when first starting out. 

I'm really bad with technology, how will I ever be able to create my own website or use technology platforms on my own?

We like to think that everyone is teachable with the right approach, but don’t worry, we’ve actually teamed up with one of the best professionals who understands the needs of new business owners. She’s put together a no-fail, easy-to-use website solution that will make the most tech-phobic person happy! And, don’t forget, we hand-hold you through any difficulties and actually give you practise with everything you need to get started, whether it’s setting up your site or accessing other tech tools and resources. We’ll also be doing specific step-by-step instruction so you can try it out as we go along. Don’t worry! 

How many people can attend this event?

The event is limited to a maximum of 12 to ensure we’re able to provide the right support to everyone.  

Be sure to register your application ASAP to confirm your place:  

Where will the event take place?

We’re still finalizing the venue in Dubai at the moment but we’ll keep you posted! We’ll keep the venue to central Dubai/Downtown area.

How do I pay? What is the refund policy?

Once we’ve accepted your application to register, we’ll send you payment options:

  • You can pay by debit/credit card through our PayPal link
  • You can pay by cash or cheque 
  • You can do a bank transfer (Download our Bank Details HERE
  • All payments are non-refundable. 
What is the follow-up after attending the "Entrepreneur In A Weekend" Event? What if I still need help with something?

You’ll get lifetime FREE access to our private Facebook Mastermind Group where you can ask any question or get support and guidance with anything you need.

What kind of business can we start up? What if we already have a business but haven't got it going? Can we still come to the event?

We can help you package any kind of business whether you want to pursue an online business, consultancy or brick-and-mortar business. The initial principles are the same in terms of generating a solid business idea based on a gap in your market but the approaches to marketing as well as your systems will be different. If you haven’t got a business idea yet, we’ll help you identify a simple revenue stream that will get you started with your target customers. In all cases, we’ll help you understand how to identify the potential clients that are right for your business and where to find them. Then, you’ll learn how to communicate to them through an effective marketing message. 

If you’ve already got a business but haven’t gotten started (maybe you’re stuck or haven’t gotten clients yet), then you’ll really benefit from the event because you can back-track and pull together all of your previous ideas, capitalizing on the new information you’ll learn! All is not lost. Many entrepreneurs have found themselves where you are and there’s a simple way to get you back on the right track with your vision. Even if you’ve already got your website, we can help you review the marketing message and make sure it is effective. 

Is there anyone who shouldn't come to "Entrepreneur in a Weekend"?

Yes. If you can’t see yourself dedicating a weekend to strategising, generating ideas and remaining focused for two days then this event is definitely not for you. Also, if you know right now that you don’t have the time, money or headspace to take on a new business then it’s probably not a good idea to register. 

Our ideal clients will be individuals who have a strong desire to start their own business, even if they know nothing about it right now. They are excited to take all their plans and start putting them into action, one-by-one after the event. They are dedicated to bringing value to their customers and developing a profitable business in return. Entrepreneurship requires you to develop a mindset where you come to believe in yourself and your product/service. It certainly isn’t for everyone but most people will know intuitively whether they have a strong desire to become an entrepreneur or not. If you know it’s not for you, that’s okay too! 

* This event is for ladies-only!

If you’re not sure whether the event is right for you, get in touch! We’d be happy to find out more about you and see if it would be a right fit. Contact us HERE