My entrepreneurial journey started over 10 years ago when I left my job as a teacher in Dubai to start a consultancy with a friend. I jumped all in despite being fearful and not knowing very much about running a business. But during this time, I’d never been happier, never had as much freedom or as much abundance. At the same time, I’d never done as much learning as I’ve had to do as an entrepreneur. Some days I’d work 18 hours to get everything done and learn new skills. Talk about overwhelm! Someone once told me that creating your own business is the greatest exercise in self-development you’ll ever do. And I couldn’t agree more. 

Sometimes the entrepreneurial path is difficult. Sometimes you struggle and sometimes you just want to give up. I’ve experienced all of it. But the best thing is, I’ve now arrived right where I want to be and you can too! 

Today, I’ve never been more excited to help other women build and grow their businesses. Through the years, I’ve always had others come to me for help and advice with their businesses and this is when I realized my Superpowers as a Coach and Business Teacher. I’ve spent years investing in my own learning about business and marketing so now I use this knowledge to help others accelerate their business success. Because of this, they can avoid tackling the entrepreneurial learning curve all on their own. It’s really satisfying. I know exactly what my clients are going through and what they need along the way because I’ve stood right where they’ve been before.

While I’m now based in Toronto, Canada, I work with clients all over the world. No matter your timezone, I’d love to speak to you about your business, your vision and of course, your own Superpowers. Let’s see how we can grow your venture together!

Alison Schofield     


My First Business

Along with my business partner and best friend, I created the educational consultancy in Dubai, UAE, called ‘IngeniousEd.’ We worked on several large school improvement projects for private schools and created a life-changing literacy program (the Literacy Intervention Program) for children with learning challenges. Over the 8 years we ran the program, we were able to help over 1,000 children become successful readers and writers! This is still one of my greatest achievements to-date. During this time though, I learned countless lessons that still help me today. These include: how to get paid on time, how to negotiate what I’m worth and how to use creative marketing strategies to get new clients. 

From Author and Global Social Entrepreneur to Passionate Business Coach

As an educationalist, I worked heavily with children from different cultures who struggled to learn in English. In 2013, my business partner and I set out to help teachers learn more about these students and how best to help them. After 3 years of research, we wrote a textbook called, Bilingual and Multilingual Learners from the Inside-Out and set up an online professional development course for teachers across the world. Today, our U.K.-based Centre for Educators of Bilingual and Multilingual Learners trains teachers from around the globe-all the way from Venezuela to Singapore! This project has been a huge success in its first 18 months and we now operate as a social enterprise,

spreading social good. These days, I now help individual clients in ACCELERATE and run the Entrepreneur in a Weekend Business Academy four times per year.

When you do what you truly love to do and you’re committed to making a difference in your own way, you’re on the path to success! 

My Qualifications

B.A. Psychology

Master of Teaching B.Ed.

Disability Studies (Diploma)