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MORE than 9 years ago, I started my first business in Dubai. I’d been living there for 4 years at the time, working as an international teacher. Together with my friend and colleague, we opened an educational consulting company. We had limited experience running a business but with all our enthusiasm and drive to succeed, we managed to do exceptionally well, and learned everything about entrepreneurship as we went along. Of course mistakes were made, but we moved from strength to strength, taking in each and every lesson. 

AFTER helping so many schools, teachers and students through our company,  we dedicated 3 years to research and write a book for educators. That book ended up becoming the textbook for our global, online teacher-training course at our Institute for Educators of Bilingual and Multilingual Learners. We now run our Institute as a social enterprise, spreading our research and best practices to educators around the globe.

I can tell you that I’ve never experienced as much excitement and personal growth than I’ve had in these past 9 years! I’ve been active in entrepreneurial and networking groups and then have had opportunities to assist other new entrepreneurs. This has led me to start Entrepreneur in a Weekend for Women, a step-by-step, online program for women who dream of becoming their own bosses. I’ve developed a very structured “curriculum” that takes you through the foundations of starting your own business, helping you fast-track your way to success by avoiding the steep learning curve and mistakes that so many new entrepreneurs make! My goal is to help you build a business that is a natural expression of YOU – with the core built around your values and talents so that you can fall in LOVE with your work and the amazing life you create. We’ve all heard that entrepreneurship can be hard, but I’m here to tell you that like anything else, you can learn the strategies and techniques that will help you master your new business! In Entrepreneur in a Weekend, you’ll learn how to create a business that’s in alignment with your SUPERPOWERS, but I also teach you how to start generating money right away.

IF you’d like to take a step towards your dream of being a confident and successful entrepreneur, then let’s get started on this journey together! 

Alison Schofield